Fresh Look Make-Up Tips

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  • Do thicken eyelashes with mascara and shape brows – luckily these features are not in the slightest bit affected by late nights.
  • DO rub some cream blusher directly onto the apples of your cheeks, then apply a little foundation on top. The effect will make you look flushed with health.
  • DO brush a little matte, pink blusher or eye shadow under your eyes to reduce dark circles.
  • Do brush little bronzer over your forehead, down your nose and over your chin and cheekbones and give a deceptively healthy look. Choose a vary sheer, barely noticeable texture and brush it where the sun naturally hits the face.
  • DO use a little lip pencil shaded all over your lips, slicking lip gloss on top.
  • DON’T use powder, especially around your eyes, as it can make tired skin look worse.
  • DON’T wear eye shadow on tired eyelids.
  • DON’T war a strong-colored lipstick: it will destroy the natural effect and look ghoulish.
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