Walter Stojash created and heads WS-Studio. Walter’s aim is to bring his professional and personal experiences to his work, creating and enhancing people’s look and style.

Walter’s broad career, that has taken him across most of Europe, from different spectrums, cultures and fashions, has enabled him to perfect his skills in fashion styling personal styling and hairdressing.

Defining fashion moods, spotting trends or just knowing what works on someone, Walter primary goal has been to make people look good, by examining traits of the face, emphasising the body and affirming a look that does works.


“Professional image design: Fashion industry and promotion”;

“Professional image design: Show business, politics, advertising”;

“Professional image design: Private client services”;

“Professional Image design: All styles and directions”


International Education Society London – Fashion Stylist 3 level (2010);

ASK Schwartzkopf Academy  (2010);

International Stylist Uneversity (2006-2009);

-Fashion Styling

-History of Art

-History of Costumes

-Fabrics and Materials

-Visual Art

-Fashion sociology

-Analysis and Strategies of Contemporary Fashion

-Make-up artist

-Hair stylist

-Body art

Image School: Image Design (2008-2009);

-Image consultant

-Style overview

-Personal identity

-Wardrobe analysis

-Personal shopping

-Brand Identity

-Visual Merchandising

-Fashion Styling

-History of Art

-History of Costumes

-Fabrics and Materials