Micro Balayage

micro balayage


Micro balayage allows you to create a melted root affect where the blend of colour starts from the root creating a more natural affect than foiled highlights. This can give you a varied lift and allows to use multiple colours easier then other techniques. This technique can be used in various ways, sliced sections will give you more coverage to archieve a more ombre effect trough the ends. Woven sections will give you a more natural blend and will multiple tones merge trough.

The best way to archieve this affect is to tak 1/2 inch wide sections slide or either weave depending on desired look, then from 2/3 inches from the root back comb tightly. Place colour an inch from back comb and follow trough mid-lengyh and ends, use corner of brush to blend against the hair shaft where you first placed colour to create the melted root effect.

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