Balayage Aftercare


After care is just as important as the service istelf; its key to advice your client on how to maintain their gorgeous new look as they will now be your living advertisement.

There is no point having Ferrari if you dont know how to drive!

This is also perfect way to get your clients to undesrtand their hair and to make them feel more comfortable in their new look.

Home Hair Spa Experience:

As a Hair Technician its apart of your job to promote salon products for use at home, but for you to do this sucesfully you must believe in brand yourself.

If you dont love it yourself how the hell you are going to promote it to anybody else!

All clients should be using professional shampoo, weather its for protecting their colour our strengthening their hair. To keep your colour looking fresh and radiant, using sulphate free shmapoo is best option you would nomrally find these in your colour protect range. Before recommending colour protect make sure your clients hair is in a good condition, as if the hair is porous the colour will nost last, so focus your client on mending the hair first which will help the colour last longer. Remeber to follow your brands guidelines on mix and matching your products.

Let The Magic Begin:

We all know blow drying your own hair isnt as fun as you get it done by someone else, it is our job to get our clients excited about styling their hair, you can do this by experimenting with the client, get them to try something new whilst you are with them, a hands approach is the best way of learning. Inform your client of the latest tools they can get to re-create the image you have archieved together in the salon. Make sure you show your client how to dress their hair so they are camera ready.

Making You Famous:

Promoting your self is one of the most impoartent elements you need to folloe to make yourself known now only in your hometown but nation and world wide. Social media has been one of the most influental platforms for a while now and getting yourself tech-savy would definetly work in your favour. Promoting yourself is great but making sure your clients are continuously exposing you to the world is even better, get your clients to tag you and products you use on all their social media platforms for examplke Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and any others that are currently hot. This is where all your teachings will pay off, your army of follows constantly posting camera ready hair shots all over the world will for sure get you noticed.



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