Welcome to Balayage Academy

WS Balayage Academy – the hairstylist learning institution which is run by the award-winning salon WS Studios Hair Professionals – has announced the creation of a online course which will focus on ten original balayage techniques which it has created.

Balayage refers to the highlighting of hair for a natural effect. It is a trend which is catching on across the hairstyling world, and now WS Hair Academy has announced a range of courses on the individual balayage techniques which will include Colour Sectioning, Contouring, Colour Blocking, Free Hand, Micro Balayage, Tipping, ZigZag and Back-Combing.

Students will reap all the benefits of expert tuition and detailed step by step guides. All of the courses will include elements such as a checklist for information pack, theory, consultation steps, aftercare and salon utilisation.

A company spokesperson for WS Hair Academy said: “We are looking forward to sharing some of these secrets of the best balayage with those attending our Balayage Academy website. Whether you have heard of WS Studios by being a client in the past, or our awards win, these balayage courses will demonstrate to hairstylists why we are known for being one of the most progressive hair salons in London. Participants will come away with a holistic knowledge encompassing every element of delivering the client experience when using balayage techniques.”




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