Sombre Balayage

sombre balayage


Sombre or comonly known as Panel Sectioning Tecnique is great for controlling the placement for your balayage. It is great for the natural sunbkissed clients who sont want a dramatic change to the colourĀ  just to give their hair a lift. By seperating the hair into section you can choose where you would like to concentrate your balayage, weather it is to bring lightness to the face and to break up a block colour trough the back. This technique will also allow you to use more fashionable colours as its easier to concentrate on individual sections without distrupting sections.

To archieve this section the hair into 3 sections for the front (top panel and each side panels). One section for the crwon and 3 sections for the back (length panel and 2 back side panels). This way you can choose which sections you wish to lighten without affecting the rest of the hair,.

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