Zig Zag Balayage


Zig Zag tecnique is a creative way to get a fuller and 3 dimensional colour affect. This technique will allow you to archieve and block ombre affect trough the ends but with the natural blend of a balayage. Its perfect for the clients who wants a noticable and dramatic effect to their hair but still maintaining that soft root blend. As its sectioned troughout the hair you can use multiple colours by separatingeach section with foil, cling film or mesh.

To archieve this affect you part the hair using central division, starting at the back mooving up in 3 inch sections creating a defined zig zag parting, colour placement on top of each visible section leaving the underneath to give your colour the depth and 3 dimensional affect. When placing your colour close to the root use the blending motion of a free hand affect to create the natural blend.

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