The Team

We believe that we have one of the best team of stylists in London:

Walter Stojash the owner at WS Studios brings a new innovation to London, his signature Hot Scissors, a thermal cut that seals split ends, enables more growth and gives your hair a health. Walter’s aim is to bring his professional and personal experiences to his work, creating and enhancing people’s look and style. Walter’s broad career, that has taken him across most of Europe, from different spectrums, cultures and fashions, has enabled him to perfect his skills in hairdressing and image consultancy. Defining fashion moods, spotting trends or just knowing what works on someone, Walter primary goal has been to make people look good, by examining traits of the face, emphasizing and affirming a look that works.

Jack Ball working and been training stylists around world with Wella Professionals for 4 years, having so much knowledge with colour none of our clients can be disappointed.

Vimal Chavda a session stylist that bases himself on understanding the latest and the up and coming styles, working around the world for leading fashion houses (Louis Vuitton and Gucci etc), working for photoshoots and shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks.

Paollo Sagerah been brought up by Neville hair salon followed by much experience in Nyumba salon has joined forces with us, bringing life and a huge amount of experience, many celebrity clients and clients flying from round the world to visit him  here in WS Studios.


Pascal our beloved and fast growing assistant came to us with not only fashion sense, working beforehand for the personal hair stylist of Donattella Versace in Milan, now he serves here, the most breathtaking and relaxing treatments and head massages (educated at the massage school of London), showing such great energy and passion for the hair we have now taken him under our wings, where we are going to educate and mould him as he deserves.