Image Consultancy

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes professional help can make all the difference.  Together we can optimise your look and perfect your style; making you feel a million dollars and ensuring that those all important first impressions count.

Celebrity stylist Walter Stojash looks after your personal style; colour analysis, new fashion trends, clothing styles, hair and so forth.

Following a figure assessment, colours, a report on what to wear – enhancing your assets and minimising problem areas – as well as an assessment on hairstyle, accessories, glasses and the like, allowing you to make the best and  take control of your look and style.

Together, we can optimise the clothing that suits your body style, lifestyle and face, as well as make-up consultation and personal shopping services, helping you to perfect your look.

Whether you need a completely new wardrobe or finding just one outfit for a special occasion, we can help!

Walter meets with his clients before they begin the shopping experience to discuss the items they are looking for, defining the shopping environment and keeping sales people at bay when needed.

Walter is completely independent; he is not affiliated with any particular stores or fashion labels. The sole reason he takes you to certain boutiques is because he knows the labels and styles in the store will suit your lifestyle, body shape, function and budget. He knows exactly where to find the pieces that will fill any ‘gaps’ you have in your wardrobe.

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